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S.Robinson / S.Clare

Deep Purple - Wait For The Ricochet

Deep Purple - Wait For The Ricochet

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This book opens with the firing of two of the original members and the search for replacements in 1969, then covers their early rehearsals, concerts and recording sessions in detail. The story carries on through 1970 as the band experience the early highs of widespread chart success with the album and hit single Black Night, as well as the lows of riots, illness and sheer exhaustion. Bringing the strands of the story together for the first time along with unseen material, rare photographs, chart details, concert listings and new research, we provide a detailed narrative of this crucial phase of Deep Purple’s career. Jon Lord was interviewed specifically for the book by Stephen Clare. Roger Glover has also provided new insights on the writing of the album and Ian Gillan offers a fresh look at Child In Time. Studio personnel, former managers and others have also contributed.
Today, it is generally acknowledged that the story of hard rock (or heavy metal) owes it’s origins to the triumvirate of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. The first two have been more than adequately catered for in print. This book restores the balance.
Easy on the Eye Books, Мяг.Пр., 160стр., ISBN: 978-0-9561439-6-9, размер 21х21х1,3 см.
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